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Introduction to the UCSB Library for New Graduate Students: Identification

Access Card

UCSB Access Card

Your Access Card is your basic ID card for the University. It also serves as your library card, which you will use for checking out materials and for requesting items through Interlibrary Loan.

Your library card number is the 14-digit number below the barcode: 21205, followed by your PERM number, followed by 00.

Use your Access Card to enter the library building at the West Paseo entrance during late-night study hours, and to gain access to the Graduate Study Lounge on the 2nd floor.

For more information about Access Cards, see: Access Card - Your Campus Credentials




The UCSBnetID is used as your authentication for most electronic services on campus, including GOLD, U-mail, and GauchoSpace.

In the Library, your UCSBnetID is used for:

  • Access to the Wireless network from your laptop or other personal device.
  • Logging into public workstations in the Library.
  • Logging into your library account in UC Library Search - This allows you to request items for pickup or delivery, check on the status of items you have checked out and renew them online, and more.
  • Obtain off-campus access to library electronic resources through the proxy server or campus Pulse VPN.
  • Log in to your Special Research Collections account to use materials in the SRC.

For more information on these services, see the boxes below.

For assistance with your UCSBnetID, contact Identity and Access Management.


My Library Account

Want to:

renew books?

       save searches?

               check ILL requests?

Log in to your Library Account!

Forgot your password?

Call us at (805) 893-3491
or e-mail 

InterLibrary Loan

Request an item directly from UC Library Search or a database (FASTEST service):

Want to renew your ILL items?

Questions? Contact ILL

(805) 893-3436

UCSB Library - Services Desk


Wireless Internet Access (Wi-Fi) in the UCSB Library is provided through the campus wireless network. It is only available to holders of a current UCSBnetID and password. The Library does not issue UCSBnetIDs and has no control over them.

For information on using the wireless network in the Library, see: Wireless Internet Access (Wi-Fi) on the UCSB Library website.

Off-Campus Access

Most of the electronic databases, e-books and e-journals provided by the UCSB Library are restricted to on-campus use by our contracts with their publishers. However, current UCSB students, faculty, and staff can access these materials off-campus by using the proxy server or campus Pulse VPN. Both of these tools route your communications through a campus server to the electronic resource desired.

Most links from our databases lists, research guides, and UC Library Search are configured to automatically detect if you are off-campus and will prompt you to log into the proxy server with your UCSBnetID and password automatically.

You can also log into the proxy server ahead of time from the Login drop-down on the Library home page.

You can also install the Off-Campus Access Bookmark Tool on your web browser for easy login.

To use the campus Pulse VPN, see: Using the VPN for Accessing the Library Databases

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