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Writing 2 Instructors: Library Assignment Resources: WRIT 2 Interactive Tutorial and Library Module

Writing 2 Instructors: Library Assignment Resources

About the WRIT 2 Interactive Tutorial and Library Module

The purpose of the Learning About UC Library Search Tutorial and Library Module is to prepare WRIT 2 students for an instruction session associated with the Translation & Conversations Projects with UCSB Library. To ensure students complete the Library Resources before your scheduled library session, please:

  1. Request a Library Instruction Session. Your request must be made 2 weeks in advance and paired with a research assignment.
  2. Insert the links for the Library Resources (linked below) into your GauchoSpace course site. You may wish to consult with the librarian you're paired with to decide when to assign the Library Resources.
  3. Once your instruction session request has been paired with a librarian, add that librarian to your GauchoSpace course site in the Librarian Role and notify them by email.
  4. If you would like students to receive credit for completing the module, create an Assignment in GauchoSpace for students to submit the Certificate of Completion they receive when they finish the Final Quiz at the end of the Library Module.
  5. Assign the Library Module and the Final Quiz to be completed by students at least 1 day before the synchronous Library Instruction Session. If requesting asynchronous instruction, please coordinate the assigned deadline with the assigned librarian.

*Notes on the "Librarian" role in GauchoSpace:

The functionality of this role is the same as a "Course Helper" where a user can upload materials and help manage the site, but they do not have access to the gradebook.

To add a Librarian to your course, select "Add User/Assign Roles" in the UCSB Course Tool block. On the Manual Enrollments page, type the Librarian's name into the search box on the bottom right. The Librarian's name, identification number, and email should show in the box on the right. Select the Librarian(s) name and assign them the role of "Librarian" from the dropdown list in the middle. Select "Add" to finish.

Library Resources to add to your GauchoSpace course site:


Library Resources: Translation Project

Learning about UC Library Search Tutorial

  • In this activity, students will learn about how UC Library Search functions to retrieve various source types and apply keywords using advanced search techniques to locate a scholarly peer-reviewed journal article relevant to a research topic and discipline.

  • Uploading Instructions:

1. Copy the URL: 

2. Navigate to your GauchoSpace course site and identify where you want this tutorial to be added

3. Add an activity, and choose "URL" to the desired week

4. Paste the URL and name the tutorial, "Learning about UC Library Search"

Library Resources: Conversations Project

Library Module WRIT 2

  • The Library Module introduces students to UCSB Library and its various services, research tools, and support as well as concepts related to their WRIT 2 assignment

  • Note to instructors: The Library Module should be completed by students before the scheduled Library Instruction session

  • Uploading Instrucions

1. Copy the URL:

2. Navigate to your GauchoSpace course site and identify where you want the module to be added

3. Add an activity, and choose "URL" to the desired week

4. Paste the URL and name the module, "Writing 2 Library Module"

Here are a few additional resources on how to reach citations you may wish to add as well! 

UC Berkeley: How to Read Citations

CSUDH Library: Introduction to Citation Styles, APA 7th ed.

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What is the WRIT 2 Online Learning Module

The WRIT 2 Online Learning Module was originally released in Fall 2019.  By design, students would complete the module before a library instruction session so that students could actively spend class-time on higher-level research skills with a librarian present for guided support. 

Thank you for having the students complete this module so they can come prepared to the library workshop and work with us.

Student learning outcomes for the module:

By the end of the module, students should be able to....

  • Identify how to get help with your research in UCSB Library 
  • Locate library search tools, including UCSB Library Search and subject databases 
  • Match academic disciplines to related subject areas 
  • Identify characteristics of the research process
  • Generate terms related to a research topic and subject area 
  • Construct search statements using advanced search techniques
  • Define scholarly journals and peer-reviewed articles 
  • Identify source types discoverable through UCSB Library Search
  • Locate a scholarly peer-reviewed journal article through UCSB Library Search 

This module is a perpetial work in progress and we'll be making adjustments for future quarters, feedback is always appreciated! Please email us at teaching& and let us know your thoughts so we can continue to improve this tool.

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