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Military Science: Reference Sources

Resources in Military Science

Reference Sources


To find books and articles on US Army weaponry, try searching in UCSB Library Search using these keywords:

  • army united states weaponry

You can also try searching on the name of a specific weapon.
Note:  The books listed below are useful for research on aircraft and ships.

Why Use Reference Works?

Reference works provide quick access to basic information about your topic.  You should select the type of reference work you want depending on the type and depth of information you need.


  • Subject dictionaries are a great way to familiarize yourself with words and phrases used in military science.


  • Specialized encyclopedias provide excellent introductions to many aspects of military science and military history.
  • Articles are usually written by experts in the subject, and will include a bibliography to get you started on your research.

Other Types of Sources:

  • The other sources listed below might also be useful for your research.

NOTE:  The lists below are a mix of print and electronic resources.  E-books are marked with a padlock and require a UCSBnet ID and password to access when off campus.