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Film & Media Studies: Archives

UCSB Library Special Collections

 Performing Arts Collection: Film and Television Collections

  • Anderson (Dame Judith) Papers (PA Mss 6)
    • Personal papers of Austrialian born actress famous for her interpretations of roles in Hamlet and Medea.
  • Dramatic Arts Collection. Programs, playbills and clippings from the stage and the early days of film. (PA Mss 7).
  • Film Press Kit Collection (PA Mss 39)
    • Press kits for motion pictures, mostly independent releases, including promotional material, clippings and advertising materials.
  • Film Scripts Collection (PA Mss 60)
    • Collection of screenplays from major and independent films, 1959-2003 (bulk 1989-2003).
  • Hollywood Film Star Photographs, ca. 1930s-1940s. Collection of 30 b/w publicity shots, including John Barrymore, Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy, Jimmy Durante, W. C. Fields, Clark Gable, Greta Garbo, Cary Grant, Jack Haley, Walter Huston, Harold Lloyd, Frederic March, George Raft, Mickey Rooney, and Akim Tamiroff. (SC 722).
  • John Hilly Collection (PA 2000-017)
    • Recordings of several radio shows guest starring John Hilly, including one episode of Hi Jinx and seven of the show Gangbusters.
  • Kellogg (Marjorie) Papers (PA Mss 85)
    • Papers of Marjorie Kellogg (1922-2005), American novelist and screenplay writer born in Santa Barbara, California.
  • Law & Order Production Scripts (PA Mss 86)
    • Production script library for the Law & Order franchise.
  • Lemack (Brad) Collection (PA Mss 58)
    • Collection of publicity materials from shows produced by Embassy Television and Tandem/T.A.T.
  • Naylor (Cal) Production Files, 1981-1982 (PA Mss 16)
    • Production files for early episodes of Hill Street Blues.
  • Screen Guild Players Recordings, 1942-1948 (PA Mss 28)
    • Recordings of 32 Screen Guild Players radio programs used as a fundraising effort for the Motion Picture Relief Fund featuring many contemporary stars.
  • Sinclair (Robert) Collection (PA Mss 12)
    • Annotated teleplays for 1950s and 60s television program directed by Sinclair.
  • United States Army Signal Corps Film Unit Records, 1945-1946.
    • Large binder containing caption sheets, critical evaluations, and other paperwork relating to films shot during 1945 and 1946 by soldiers serving in the U.S. Army Signal Corps film units. Events covered include the war crimes trials of two Japanese generals, Tomoyuki Yamashita and Masaharu Homma; German atrocities discovered in Hanover; the liberation of American POWs; reactions among soldiers to V-E Day celebrations; activities of the Red Cross; the plight of displaced persons; the conversion of the port of Bremen for use by American forces; and even boxing matches held in Manila. Also included are several Motion Picture Coverage Reports, marked “Confidential,” which discuss issues of technique while evaluating the output of the various film units. (Bernath Mss 139).