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Research Data Management: Storage, Backups and Security

This guide provides information about managing research data in any discipline.

Storage and Backups

Ensure data redundancy and replication, and avoid single points of failure.

  • Never rely on a single copy of data.  Have at least two backup copies (with at least one in a remote location) in addition to the working copy. 
  • Document your data storage system and data backup policy.
  • Back up data regularly. Backups are particularly important if using portable media, such as laptops and flash drives.
  • Use managed, networked storage whenever possible (Example: departmental network drive with system administrator).


Comparison of online backup services
A Wikipedia page showing a matrix of backup service providers and which operating systems they work with

UCSB Connect box

The UCSB community can access this secure, cloud-based sharing and storage service with unlimited storage capabilities at no cost.  Just log in at and enter your UCSB NetID.


Secure Computing

Secure Compute Research Environment (SCRE)
SCRE is provided by UCSB to campus researchers requiring a private, secured, virtual environment to store and analyze sensitive data.

Encryption Software

This Wikipedia page explains BitLocker, which isavailable on the Enterprise and Server versions of Windows

Pretty Good Privacy (PGP)
This Wikipedia page explains PGP, which is an open standard

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