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ENVI 185 - Human Rights and the Environment/Environmental Justice (Cremers, Spring 2021): Search Terms

Search for Information

Search Terms

What key terms will you use in searching to help answer this question?  Use a Thesaurus or Wikipedia to help with finding key terms/keywords or synonyms.

      General, Related Words:                                        Synonyms:

  _____________________________                    _______________________________

  _____________________________                    _______________________________


climate refugees, climate refugee, climate migrants, climate migrant

Inupiat, Inupiaq

Search relevant databases using the keywords you came up with, combining synonyms:

( _____________________  OR  _____________________  OR  ____________________ )


( _____________________  OR  _____________________  OR  ____________________ )


( _____________________  OR  _____________________  OR  ____________________ )


("climate refugee*" OR "climate migrant*")


(Inupiat OR Inupiaq)


If you are searching for a phrase, put it in quotes. If you have a word that you want to search for the singular and plural form, truncate it with * (refugee* searches for refugee or refugees)

These are examples of Boolean Searching, which is described in depth on this guide, provided by CSUN.

Research Plan

Use a question stem, such as those below, to help write a clear, focused research question:

What is/was the role of ... in ...

What are/were the effects/results of ...

Who/what influenced ... to ...

What is/was the relationship between ... and ...

How does/did ... change ...

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