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DREAM Lab: Software Training

Data and Visualization Services for the UCSB Library

Supported Software Resources

This page features online training options for many of our software packages.  If you have a favorite resource, please share it!

ArcGIS Training and Tutorials

Esri's ArcGIS suite of software is an industry standard tool for creating, manipulating, and displaying geospatial data. All UCSB affiliates are eligible for personal copies of this software.

Using Setup Files

Many of our resources for data contain ASCII data files which are accompanied by setup files that allow users to read the text files into statistical software packages. Below are tutorials created by UCSB Library staff to help you do this in SAS, SPSS, and Stata.

SPSS Training and Tutorials

Stata Training and Tutorials

SAS Training and Tutorials

NVivo Training and Tutorials

NVIVO is text analysis software for use with any sort of text. It works especially well for coding ethnographic field notes and interview transcriptions.

SDA Training and Tutorials

R Training and Tutorials

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