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Geospatial Data: Open Datasets

This guide describes how to find and use the DREAM Lab's spatial data, as well as data that is available freely online.


Third-Republic France. This dataset traces, year by year, the administrative boundaries of France’s Third Republic, which governed from 1870 to 1940, when the Vichy Regime took power. The dataset consists of annual shapefiles delineating the country’s départements, arrondissements, and cantons; as well as for its “most significant special administrative constituencies: military, judicial and penitentiary, electoral, academic, labor inspection, and ecclesiastical.”



Urban Tree Datasets

United States




Traffic intensity on urban roads 4 billion vehicles. 40 cities. 170 million observations.  Mostly Western Europe, with Tokyo, Taipei, Melbourne, Vilnius, Los Angeles, and Toronto.

Open Data for Re-use

A not-random assortment of topical geospatial datasets. Please let us know if you find any broken links!

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