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ENGL 122RC: Reading the Caribbean Through Carnival (Thomas, Fall 2023): Home


This guide lists some of the many resources available at UCSB Library related to Carnival in both the Caribbean region and its diasporic communities. Please feel free to contact me if you would like help finding resources for your topic. 

Your final assignment can be either:

1. a public-facing article for a literary site with a book review opportunity; a creative piece; or traditional essay. Every instance requires an annotated bibliography. There is a creative writing option which also requires an annotated bibliography and a short one-page writer’s note explicating the context and process. Optional is adding an abstract to the submission as if you were answering a CFP. 

2. a creative project where the class builds an oracle card deck with a carnival character from different carnival traditions. You will write both a long piece and a short, 100-word piece that goes on the card’s back. The longer piece is a 2 page introduction and short analysis of the character using postcolonial theory, feminist theory, queer theory, or other analytical framework. This will have a works cited and selected annotated bibliography. 


Haitian Carnival (Kanaval)

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

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