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Chemistry & Biochemistry Departments - United States: Home

Links to websites of chemistry and biochemistry departments offering Bachelor's degrees and higher in the United States.

Explanatory Notes

The lists on these pages contain links to the web pages of chemistry and biochemistry departments at four-year academic institutions in the United States (the 50 states and the District of Columbia) which offer a bachelor's degree or higher in chemistry or biochemistry. Also included are general science departments if chemistry is prominently featured and a bachelor's degree in chemistry is offered, as are the chemistry sections of national research laboratories (e.g. Argonne, Lawrence Livermore, Los Alamos), and some chemistry related research links. If no departmental web page exists, or if only an associate degree or minor is offered, the school has not been listed. U.S. dependencies such as Puerto Rico, Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands are listed in the "Chemistry & Biochemistry Departments - Worldwide" section.

Departmental pages listed here will generally, though not always, provide information about faculty, degrees offered, curriculum, courses offered and general contact information.

For rankings of Ph.D chemistry programs in the U.S., see the U.S. News and World Report rankings for chemistry and biochemistry, last updated in Jan. 2014. Top 25 rankings are given for chemistry in general and top 20 rankings for the specialties of analytical, biochemistry, inorganic, organic, physical and theoretical chemistry. Note that biochemistry is also listed under Biological Sciences, with a different top three (also updated in 2014). Geochemistry is listed under Earth Sciences, while chemical physics is listed under Physics as Atomic/Molecular/Optical or Condensed Matter. More extensive and detailed information is availble via a fee-based service.  Also of possible interest is the Academic Ranking of World Universities, from the Center for World Class Universities at Jiao Tong University in Shanghai, China.  Chemistry is one of the subjects ranked annually; lists are avaialbe for the current year and preceding five years.

Additional information about chemistry departments in the USA and Canada may frequently be found in the free, electronic version of the ACS Directory of Graduate Research, available at DGRweb ( The most recent version is the 2014 edition, added in Fall 2014. Updates occur every two years; the 1999-2013 editions are also available at the DGR site. Note that information in the DGR is provided voluntarily by the departments themselves, so not all graduate progams in chemistry are listed, and the extent and accuracy of information may vary.

For other information about programs in the U.S. and Canada, see Peterson's Guide to Graduate and Professional Study or, for undergraduates, Peterson's Find a College site. 

In the lists below, universities are generally listed according to their official names, omitting the article "The" when it is used in the official name. Examples and notes:

  • If an official name begins with "The", I usually omit it or, when listing it (e.g.The Citadel) ignore it in alphabetization.
  • Harvard is listed as Harvard University
  • Notre Dame is listed as University of Notre Dame
  • The principal state universities of Indiana, Ohio and Illinois are listed as Indiana University, Ohio State University and University of Illinois respectively.
  • In some cases, there are cross-references. The principal listing for the California State University campus in San Diego is at San Diego State University, but there is a cross-reference from California State University, San Diego.
  • If institutions have changed names, I try to provide cross-references from the earlier names, e.g. from California State University, Hayward to its current name, California State University, East Bay. If the name change is minor in terms of alphabetical listing, e.g. from St. Mary's College to St. Mary's University, I don't bother with cross-references.
  • Since users may have heard the name of an institution but not seen it in its official form, I have chosen to alphabetize both Saint and St. as Saint, both at the beginning and in the middle of institution names.
  • In the "alphabetical by university name" lists, I have appended the two-letter postal code for the state (e.g. AL, CA, IL, WY) to the university's name, unless the name itself contains the name of the state.

Updated July, 2015

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