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WRIT 105CR (Hammer, Fall 2022): Paper Assignment

Research Paper Assignment

Writing 105CR--Hammer
Research Paper Assignment

You will write your paper on a topic of your choice that relates to the theme of the course: Race and Ethnicity in American film, literature, music, and art. After researching the topic, you will formulate a “Level 3 research question” for your paper. Your research question should be a specific question that can be researched and supported with scholarly evidence in a 10-15 page paper, but that cannot be definitively answered. Your paper will present an argument, as well as take into consideration alternative arguments to your own and rebut them. In addition, you will need to explain the significance of your argument.

You are required to use at least TEN credible, non-dictionary, non-encyclopedic, secondary sources that are scholarly. You, of course, are welcome (and encouraged) to use more than ten secondary, scholarly sources. Moreover, you can use primary sources, non-scholarly credible sources, and/or encyclopedic sources; just be sure to cite those sources and be aware of the fact that they will not count as part of the ten minimum secondary, scholarly sources required for the essay.Please note that you are required to upload copies of the front page of each of your sources to
GauchoSpace (or the entire article), as well as copies of all pages from which you cite. Your grade will be docked if you do not submit the copies of the sources (or the front pages of your sources with the pages from which you cited).

Length: 10-15 pages (Note: page count does not include pages in the Works Cited or Appendix)
Font: 12, Times New Roman

Format: typed, double-spaced, MLA style
➢ 8-10 pg. paper due to GauchoSpace by 1:00 PM on Monday, November 21. This paper should not be a “rough draft.” It should be a complete, polished essay.
➢ 10-15 pg. revised and expanded paper due by 1:00 PM to GauchoSpace on Wednesday, November 30.

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