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HIST 192 R (Research Seminar in Public History) Bergstrom: Government Information

Research Guide for Asian American Studies 168D (Asian American History from 1965-present)

California State Assembly - Office of the Chief Clerk

California State Assembly - Office of the Chief Clerk

The Chief Clerk of the California State Assembly is one of three nonmember, nonpartisan officers elected by the Members of the Assembly at the beginning of each two-year session. The Chief Clerk serves as the Parliamentarian of the House, and responsible for publishing the official documents of the House; and keeping all the bills, papers, and records of the proceedings of the Assembly.

For each two year legislative session, the Assembly and Senate both issue Journals that are organized by date and summarize the actions they took on each day they were in session. Although the Journals do not provide complete transcripts, they may include summaries of debates, votes taken on bills, governor's veto and signing messages, and the text of amendments made to bills.

Federal and State

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