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Chemistry & Biochemistry Departments - Worldwide: Home

Links to websites of chemistry and biochemistry departments offering Bachelor's degrees (or equivalent) or higher outside the United States

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Explanatory Notes

The lists on these pages contain links to the web pages of chemistry and biochemistry departments at academic institutions outside the United States which offer a bachelor's degree (or equivalent) or higher in chemistry or biochemistry. Also included are general science departments if chemistry is prominently featured and a bachelor's degree in chemistry is offered, If no departmental web page exists, or if only an associate degree or minor is offered, the school has not been listed. U.S. dependencies such as Puerto Rico, Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands are also listed here.

Departmental pages listed here will generally, though not always, provide information about faculty, degrees offered, curriculum, courses offered and general contact information.

Countries are listed according to their standard names in English. Universities are generally listed according to their official names. If the primary language of the country in question is written in the Latin alphabet, the university name is listed in the local languare.  If, however, the local language uses a non-Latin alphabet (e.g. Arabic, Chinese, Cyrillic, Japanese, Korean, etc.), the English language version of the name has been used.

While I have attempted to make this a comprehensive and up-to-date list, there may be errors and omissions -- new websites appear from time to time and URLs change.  In particular, university departments whose websites are entirely in non-Latin alphabets can be hard for me to identify.  Users are encouraged to send me corrections, updates and additional data at the email address in the Librarian profile to the right.

For an additional source of departmental webistes, see: International University Chemistry Departments site, maintained by Dr. Michael Barker at the University of Liverpool, a cooperative project to provide lists of academic chemistry departments maintained in their respective host countries.

Also of possible interest is the Academic Ranking of World Universities, from the Center for World Class Universities at Jiao Tong University in Shanghai, China.  Chemistry is one of the subjects ranked annually; lists are avaialbe for the current year and preceding five years.

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