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This guide provides an overview of the primary and secondary sources for History 9 course.

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A: 3-page and 5-page Draft of Final Research Paper: 30%

In week 8, students will have to bring to class, discuss, and submit a working draft of the final research paper.

The requirements of the draft are as follows: • The draft should have a clear thesis statement and research question addressing the history of one commodity/object in connection to a larger theme of analysis. Thesis statements must be narrow and specific, and will be expected to change in the process of writing the final version of the paper. • The paragraphs should be based on a list of 4-5 primary sources of at least two different kinds (e.g., government reports and newspaper coverage, or photographs and public speeches) • The draft should refer to or make use of at least 3 secondary sources, ideally journal articles. If books, then ideally scholarly monographs.

B: Final Research Paper:9 pages (30%) The final paper will expand and revise the draft into focused research paper structured like a journal article. It is crucial to discuss the final paper in office hours. The paper should be 8 pages, 12-pt Times New Roman font, double spaced, footnoted using Chicago style.

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