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LING 3 (Tsai, Winter 2023): Finding Journal / Magazine Articles

Academic Articles

Scholarly and Popular Articles

There is a big difference between scholarly journals (peer-reviewed) and popular magazines in academic research. The handout below shows the basic characteristics of each source.

How to retrieve the articles?

To locate the journal article identify the JOURNAL title from the database citation.
Search the JOURNAL TITLE in the UCSB catalog.  If the library has the journal the catalog record will show the volumes and issues the library owns.  This information will be displayed when you click the link that says "#(Owned/#Out)".  The catalog will also show if this journal is available in print or electronic.  
The UC-eLinks button will search of a digitized copy of the full-text article in the UCSB library system. 


More Discovery Tools

Google Scholar

  • Google Scholar can be useful for finding obscure or incomplete citations.
  • We usually recommend the library's subscription databases instead of Google Scholar because subject coverage and searchability are superior.

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