QSR's qualitative data analysis software

NVIVO and NCapture

NVIVO is desktop software that allows you to organize, markup, and analyze all of your notes, interview recordings, journal articles, and other qualitative data sources.

The DREAM Lab supports a number of NVIVO Licenses.

NCapture is a web browser plug-in that harvests tweets off of a Twitter page, or individual web pages, in a format that is compatible with NVIVO.

Getting and using NCapture

Download the NCapture plugin for Google Chrome here.

NCapture allows you to save web pages and Tweets as files that NVIVO can recognize.  

Once the browser extension is installed and activated on your Chrome web browser, an NCapture icon will appear alongside your other Chrome tools to the right of the menu bar.  When you are on a web page, you can capture it by clicking on this icon. 

"Web Page as PDF" and "Article as PDF" render slightly differently.  Experimenting with your data source is recommended.


When you are on a Twitter page, NCapture will pull all the tweets from the page, OR as many tweets as the public API allows--typically about 15,000 over 15 minutes. Use Twitter's advanced search features to create a dataset that matches your needs.  

You should be logged on to Twitter before you attempt to use the extension.  If the plug-in does not recognize a Twitter page as Twitter, close your browser and try again.




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